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First the bad news

Yoruba land is in a dire state. 

Yoruba sociopolitical space is undergoing a covert social re-engineering that is adversarial and not conducive to the core Yoruba identity of Omoluabi. If this trend continues, Yoruba land, as we know it, may disappear – replaced with strange geographic and demographic component.

Well, circumstances that are strange to Yoruba socio-cultural worldview are already happening.

Our land can no longer support the ambition of our people and many are leaving in droves to search for greener pasture. While many leave through the legitimate routes, thousands choose the modern ‘slavery’ route, through the northern African desert and the Mediterranean Sea, a route which is now littered with the agony, sweat, blood and carcasses of Yoruba people.

Consequently, many Yoruba parents are bound to leave their old age in loneliness, far removed from the children that they laboured so hard to nurture. Many of them are even ruing the effect of foreign culture on their children, who are only recognisable by name and face, not by character.

The Yoruba homeland is gradually becoming a society where social vices are lifting more people out of poverty than legitimate means.

Back home, our motor parks and roadside are filled with Yoruba beggars, young and old, something that is strange to our culture.

From all indications, the sociopolitical space that is prevailing in Yoruba land today is the exact opposite of what the founding fathers of Yorubaland envisioned. 

While there are many factors responsible for this situation, it is not time to apportion blame. Rather, we must first salvage our society and restore it to its once flourishing state.

Now the good news.

We have been in this dire state before and we have turned around our fate. We can do it again. The political governance template that served us so well is still intact and well compatible with out culture.

Therefore, The Welfarist has come to serve as a mobilising platform for all Yoruba people and friends of Yoruba nation, who seek genuine change in the fortune of this blessed land.

How to get involved

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Write for us

To have your article published, the following criteria must be met.

  1. Solution oriented: articles on TheWelfarist are envisioned to foster collective action towards solving a social problem. Your article therefore should not only proffer solution(s), it should suggest how the solution(s) could be implemented within the community framework. 
  2. Please note that We do not want thewelfarist.com to be a junkyard of what government can and should do, rather, on what we can do as a community. The purpose is to transfer ownership of communal values, culture, and social space back to the people while government remains only an enabler of community initiatives. 
  3. Word Count: We believe that whatever anyone has to write could be fit into an 800-word article, except for special reports. Please keep to this word count. 
  4. Where facts clash with political correctness, we will stick with the fact and sacrifice political correctness. As much as possible, we will endeavour to be sensitive and respectful to different views, but we will not shy away from stating the obvious fact as guided by global standards and compatibility with Yoruba worldview.

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